Welcome to OpenSinergia

We work in the Information Technology area, we are located in San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela and our team is very pleased to offer you our services to fulfill your needs and requirements, always looking for the goal of providing you a truly solving solution, based on our expertise, knowledge, comprenhension of people and organization needs.

Custom software development 

Let's be honest: software development for enterprise environment is not an easy endeavour; but is a fulfilling, rewarding and productive one when done for solving a problem or taking advantage of an opportunity presented by a company. We try to do that. How? We offer our clients software development applying agile methodologies and using edge technologies tailored for the field. Contact us to establish a contact, gather your needs about platforms, requirements and infrastructure required.

Network and security solutions

Our multidisciplinary team includes certified professionals willing to offer consultancy for designing and deploying Local Area Networks (LANs) with security schemes for protect our client's organizations against internal and external information security threats.

Ongoing training in information technology themes

We offer a series of courses and workshops training with several contents in the world of information technologies. Our "on demand" premise means that we can arrange a training for you adjusted to your requirements. Ask for our courses in programming languages (C, Java, Php, Ruby), databases (relational design, MySQL, PostgreSQL) or web technologies, to name a few. Gather 7 people interested in our training and we can arrange and schedule a training for you.